Effective Communication.
Healthy Relationships.

Saturday, July 24, 2021
9 – 11 am
Oddbox Studios in Fredericksburg, Virgina
Presented by Don Hoes

Strained communication tense relationship workshop

The Effective Communication Healthy Relationships workshop is designed to empower and challenge students to know themselves, raise consciousness, and become healthier versions of themselves as we enter our new age of higher consciousness.

In this workshop, you’ll learn the following:

  1. Discover what effective communication is.
  2. Keys to effective communication.
  3. What do healthy and unhealthy relationships look like?
  4. The six phases of healthy relationships.
  5. How to recognize ineffective and toxic personality traits that can harm a relationship.

The workshop will be held on Saturday, July 24, 2021 from 9–11 am at Oddbox Studios in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

About The Instructor

Don Hoes workshop presenter

Don Hoes is an author and motivational speaker who has been doing personal and spiritual development workshops for 25 years.


The workshop will be at both Oddbox Studios and broadcast live online over Zoom. As a student, you’re welcome to attend either in person or through the Zoom app on your screen of choice.

On your registration form, please make sure to select whether you’ll be attending in person or online. The course facilitator will then send you directions or login information, accordingly. If you do plan to attend online, prior to registering, please make sure that your internet connection will allow for a Zoom call with good lighting and sound. Most students use a laptop, tablet, or cell phone to join in.


The cost of the Effective Communication Healthy Relationships workshop is $40.

How To Register

Registering for the Effective Communication Healthy Relationships workshop is easy. Simply fill out the registration form below and pay the $40 workshop tuition fee. Once your registration has been received, the workshop coordinator, Deborah Bennett, will follow up with you by email with all the additional information that you’ll need.

Part 1: Student Information

Part 2: Additional Information

Part 3: Tuition

Price: $ 40.00

For More Information

For more information about teacher training courses, tuition, or how to enroll, please contact us at healmeyoga@gmail.com.