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Yoga practices balance the energy in body, mind, and spirit to facilitate the healing response. In this sense, yoga done in the classical therapeutic way can heal.

Connection to peace and deep calming breathing stimulates the part of the brain that causes the body to respond by immediate tissue and organ regeneration and immediate healing.

At Heal Me Yoga Institute you will be trained in the unique Heal Me Yoga style, which includes the classical 8 limbed path.

Yoga teacher training and certification courses.

children mindfulness meditation course
Children’s Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher Certification

Become a certified mindfulness and meditation teacher for children and their parents in this five-week online course. Graduates also receive continuing education credits from Yoga Alliance.

JANUARY 2022 Teacher Training Cohort
Registration deadline December 31, 2021
Online course begins January 3, 2022

200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification

Become a certified yoga teacher in this essential teacher training course. Graduates are certified at the 200-hour level. Course accredited by Yoga Alliance.

Yoga instructor training course Virginia
500-hour Yoga Teacher Certification

Build on the 200-hour training to receive the RYT 500 certification for distinguished yoga teachers. Course accredited by Yoga Alliance.

sacred yoga chakras online workshop
Chakras in a Nutshell

Essential for yoga teachers seeking to become more confident and knowledgeable in the basic science of chakras and how it relates to yoga practice.

online chakra immersion course
Chakras Immersion Series 101

A more in-depth look at chakras from the emotional, behavioural and physical yoga perspective.

Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

An online intensive training for two weeks. Upon completion of this course, you will be a certified children’s yoga teacher eligible for the RCYT credential with Yoga Alliance.

Our training motto is…

“Find peace to heal myself, help heal our world.”

By first working the techniques on yourself and experiencing first hand the balance they bring to body, emotions, mind, and spirit, you will then be ready to teach them to others.

Create a foundation for a lifetime of growth.

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online yoga teacher training course

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